Talented and Creative Jersey People

By Linda Corby


Julie Robinson (One Beutiful Soul a rare find who sings like an angle and is

exactly the typeof influence one would wish to have for your children!.)

Julie plays the Violin, Piano and Organ and can be booked for Events.

She also gives lessons.

Her Contact details are. Tel: 07797 903 570
Email: Precentrix@gmail.com


Tony Bellows Author
A great Read. Click Here
Elisa Canas Voiceovers
Very Proffesiona job.
Karen Le Roy Harris
For Amazing Artwork

Justin Curran (JC Band)

 Musician Click Here

Anita Le Sech
Abstract Artist

Cate Hamilton

Her artwork is beautiful!

Click here and take a look.


Harry Patterson, my ex next door

neaubour and a lovely man

, alias Jack Higgins

You can get his latest book on kindle now!
Price: £9.99


Nobody Came

By Robbie Garner

This is a book that made me cry.

Everyone especially Jersey

residents should read this!